In 2015 we purchased 5 acres in Bastrop, Texas and started raising our own chickens. We are proud to say that after December of 2015 we have been able to supply our whole operation with our very own chicken eggs! Which means we control the quality of those eggs. Happy healthy chickens produce better quality eggs, so we make sure our chickens have the very best feed, plenty of room to wander and the best care we can provide.

Nothing says farm to table like owning the farm and the table!

Not long after our chicken success, we decided since Texas is famous for peaches, we ought to grow some of those as well and planted a small orchard. In 2019 we started our sheep heard and will have our commercial sheep dairy online soon. We added a few goats and llamas to the mix  and eventually would like to grow our own strawberries and other fresh fruit ingredients.

For those items we don’t yet grow ourselves, we  take every opportunity to source local fresh ingredients, especially when it comes to fruits, berries and nuts.  We’re just picky like that!