We started working with wedding clients in 2013 and expanded our flavor offerings and size options significantly in just a few short years. From a basic list of flavors we quickly realized a key advantage of custom baking our cheesecakes was that we could create whatever flavors our client wanted. We went from a handful of basic flavors to over 100! As well as offering custom flavors for specific events! If our clients could imagine it, we found a way to make it wonderful! During this time we also created our signature Cheesecake Bites. These bite size cheesecakes became such a hit at weddings and events that many of our clients would offer their guest multiple flavors of “bites” to spice up their dessert bar! We also created our unique personal cheesecakes, a 2.5″ size serving that is just perfect for one person. Then we added our baby cakes and cheesecake bars.

 Our product is unique in the market and our customization service is perhaps the most unique part of it.

Many of these new products were developed in conjunction with brides and grooms looking for something unique as our Wedding business began growing in leaps and bounds. Although we typically do some of our most memorable custom work for brides and grooms, we can make anyone’s cake a special occasion.