Cheesecake Tasting Event at Water2Wine

Cheesecake Tasting Event at Water2Wine

Thank-you to everyone who attended our first Cheesecake tasting held at Water-2-Wine on Anderson Lane! We had a great time, and assume by the moans and ooh and aahs that everyone else did as well. We sampled 14 different cheesecakes at the event, along with a number of wines graciously provided by the team at Water-2-Wine. Everyone seemed especially taken with our savory cheesecakes (Cheese Tortes) including the spicy Chipotle with Blue Corn Tortilla Crust, and Seafood Bisque, but the clear winner of the evening was the Maytag Blue Cheese with Pear and Pecan Torte.

Based on the success of this event we are planning our next one and hope to have plans nailed down in a few weeks.

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  1. Thanks so much for having us at this event! Great time, and AWESOME cheesecakes! I cannot believe how good the savory tortes were! Keep coming up with crazy flavors!

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